The Axsun Team

From bottom to top, Axsun's people are responsible for our success and our potential.  Operators are highly skilled at assembling really small components, engineers have a vast knowledge of laser physics and electronics, and management has steered Axsun onto an efficient and profitable business with a promising future. 

Enabling Science with Axsun Technology

We are proud that Axsun's technology has enabled cutting-edge scientific research in a variety of fields, especially in health care. Hundreds of academic and medical journal publications in the last decade have referenced the use of Axsun products or systems built around Axsun products... and the list continues to grow.  Please check back as we continue to build this list.

(If you are an Axsun customer and would like your paper included here, please let us know!)

News about Axsun

Careers at Axsun

Axsun Technologies is a fast-moving technology company combining patented MEMs (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-Systems) devices and proprietary Micro-Optic technology with a highly scalable, automated assembly process to enable the highest performance optical engines for Medical Imaging, Industrial, and Telecommunications applications. 

Employees at Axsun Technologies are technically, culturally and educationally diverse. We are experts in wafer fabrication, materials science, MEMS and optical packaging design, mixed signal electronics, embedded software, CAD, and experimental machining. 

Work at Axsun is exciting and demands creative thinking. We set ambitious goals and drive to find best-in-class solutions to technical, business, and manufacturing challenges. We work cross-functionally to provide quick response to our customers and to tackle complex product development challenges as a team.

Join us. 

Open Positions at Axsun

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