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Getting Started Guides, Installation and User Manuals

Axsun SS-OCT Laser and DAQ Manuals can be found at the new Axsun Knowledge Base.

Software GUI Tool Downloads

(Software Tools are available for Windows 7 and later)

Laser Engine & CameraLink DAQ

OCT Host (v1.17.15 with USB Driver)

SS-OCT Integrated Engine (with Ethernet/PCIe DAQ)

Hardware Control Tool

Image Capture Tool

Sample OCT Data

PCIe Device Driver

Links to 3rd Party Dependencies

(see Getting Started Guide for installation instructions)

LabVIEW Run Time Engine



Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Software Developer Kit (API Reference & Sample Code)

AxsunOCTControl_LW.dll (Light-Weight Library)

AxsunOCTControl_LW.dll API Files coming soon

AxsunOCTControl_LW.dll API Manual & Sample Code (C/C++) coming soon

AxsunOCTCapture.dll v3 (Ethernet/PCIe DAQ only)

AxsunOCTCapture.dll API Files coming soon

AxsunOCTCapture.dll API Manual & Sample Code (C/C++) coming soon

AxsunOCTCapture Sample Code (LabVIEW 2018) coming soon

AxsunOCTCapture.dll v2 (Ethernet/PCIe DAQ only)

(version 2.x not recommended for new designs)

AxsunOCTCapture.dll API Files

AxsunOCTCapture.dll API Manual

AxsunOCTCapture Sample Code (C)

AxsunOCTCapture Sample Code (LabVIEW 2016)