MEMS Tunable Filter

Axsun’s unique MEMS Fabry–Pérot tunable filter is the heart of our swept laser, channel monitor, and NIR spectrometer products. The silicon-based MEMS devices are manufactured at our in-house wafer fab and (along with our precision optical coatings) achieve the finesse and free spectral range (FSR) characteristics that enable Axsun's wide variety of product categories.

Advantages of our MEMS technology include:

  • Patented tunable filter design that allows independent control of optical and mechanical properties. This distinction makes our filter design applicable to a wide spectral range (800-2000nm) and at varying tuning speeds (up to 400kHz).
  • Wafer-level MEMS process flow followed by filter assembly – enabling high volume manufacturing at low per-unit cost.
  • Rigorous in-process testing and characterization to support high yields at the system level.