Axsun Technologies and AdvancedMEMS Demonstrate the World’s First High Speed, Portable, and Battery Powered Swept-Source OCT System

Billerica, MA (February 8, 2016)  – Axsun Technologies, a leading supplier of OCT swept lasers, and AdvancedMEMS (San Francisco, CA), a leading supplier of beam-steering MEMS engines and handheld scanning probes, have demonstrated a swept-source OCT platform capable of high-speed imaging at >125 frames/sec in a highly integrated, portable, and cost-effective implementation.


The Axsun Swept Laser platform has helped facilitate impressive growth for OCT in a diverse range of applications including ophthalmology, cardiology, and dermatology.  Axsun's commitment to enabling new OCT system architectures and form factors continues with its custom high-speed data acquisition (DAQ) board and Axsun Integrated Engine products.


The Axsun Integrated Engine (100kHz swept laser, k-clock, balanced photoreceiver, and 500MS/s DAQ) has achieved an unprecedented level of compactness and efficiency for a commercially available high-performance SS-OCT subsystem.  By consolidating the Engine with the AdvancedMEMS handheld probe and a consumer-grade tablet computer, Axsun is demonstrating the exciting future of OCT system architectures – enabling OCT’s expansion out of hospitals or specialists’ offices and into general practice with new workflows and cost points.


The AdvancedMEMS handheld probe simultaneously provides the 3D imaging speed, quality, and ease-of-use that clinicians require when incorporating new diagnostic tools into their routine. AdvancedMEMS’ micro-system based scanning probe technology has been driving next generation imaging in endoscopic, surgical, dental and primary care applications for over a decade, delivering unparalleled performance, miniaturization, and low power operation – optimizing OCT imaging probes for virtually any application.


“As a vendor focused on OCT subsystems and not application-specific or end-user systems, we have designed Axsun's Integrated Engine to be rich with features and customizable options, and also general purpose in support of a variety of image capture scenarios, scanner types, and both 1060nm and 1310nm lasers,” commented Nate Kemp, Market Development Manager at Axsun.  “The ease of interfacing the Axsun Integrated Engine with the host computer and the AdvancedMEMS probe – or any scanner – reduces development risk and improves time-to-market, especially for teams without direct expertise optimizing OCT systems.  Powering the entire system for over an hour with a lightweight rechargeable battery really highlights the potential for new and transformative OCT workflows that this basic platform will enable.”


A hands-on demonstration of the system will be on display at Axsun’s booth during BiOS (Booth #8723 West Hall, Feb 13-14) and Photonics West (Booth #417 South Hall, Feb 16-18) in San Francisco.  For more information, please contact Axsun at or AdvancedMEMS at