Axsun Engineering Team

Axsun's technical team includes ≈25 R&D and manufacturing engineers plus many talented technicians and operators who do amazing things together.  A significant portion of our technical leaders have been with Axsun since shortly after its founding in 1998, and Axsun boasts 8 engineers and scientists with doctoral level educations.  Together the Axsun technical team has been awarded over 100 patents for the core technologies and processes that enable our cutting-edge products.

The engineering and technical marketing teams have many decades of cumulative experience and contributions in the following relevant fields:

Lasers & Photonics

  • tunable semiconductor lasers
  • thin-film optical coatings
  • optical modeling and simulation
  • high speed telecommunications networks
  • algorithms and signal processing

Systems & Materials Engineering

  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics
  • robotics and control systems
  • high-precision machining
  • nano-fabrication
  • embedded software and FPGA design
  • rapid prototyping

Medical Device Engineering

  • cardiovascular imaging
  • ophthalmic imaging
  • clinical validation
  • user experience/interface design