Axsun's Optical Toolbox provides a complete suite of optical elements to design miniature optical systems. The Optical Toolbox includes miniature versions of many of today's bulk optical elements and Axsun's proprietary MEMs devices. 

Axsun's proprietary toolbox of optical elements includes miniaturized versions of many of today's commonly available components. In addition to simple optical elements, several agile MEMs devices have been developed to provide tunability for our Optical Engine products. Using the Axsun Optical Toolbox, Axsun can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to bring new optical engines to market. 

Our basic toolbox includes lenses, mirrors, etalons, amplifiers, filters, photodiodes, and many others.

Precision Optical Coatings

Axsun's in-house coating design and fabrication capabilities provide a differentiating advantage to the size and performance of our products. Our patented deposition methods and the ability to iterate rapidly with custom coatings on microlenses, gain chips, fiber endfaces, filters and other components are essential core capabilities. We routinely deposit Highly Reflective (HR) and Anti Reflective (AR) coatings with the precisely controlled stress/strain and spectral characteristics necessitated by our ambitious product performance objectives. 


MEMS Tunable Filter

Axsun’s unique MEMS Fabry–Pérot tunable filter is the heart of our swept laser, channel monitor, and NIR spectrometer products. The silicon-based MEMS devices are manufactured at our in-house wafer fab and (along with our precision optical coatings) achieve the finesse and free spectral range (FSR) characteristics that enable Axsun's wide variety of product categories.

Advantages of our MEMS technology include:

  • Patented tunable filter design that allows independent control of optical and mechanical properties. This distinction makes our filter design applicable to a wide spectral range (800-2000nm) and at varying tuning speeds (up to 400kHz).
  • Wafer-level MEMS process flow followed by filter assembly – enabling high volume manufacturing at low per-unit cost.
  • Rigorous in-process testing and characterization to support high yields at the system level.

Axsun’s unique micro-alignment structures, fabricated with the LIGA process, enable nanometer-precision robotic optical alignment.

To mount and precisely align optical devices, Axsun invented unique micro-mechanical alignment structures that enable nanometer-precision robotic optical alignment. The high aspect ratio metal LIGA technology we use for optical components can also be used to fabricate miniature precision parts for many other applications.

Axsun's automated assembly capability enables the company to produce reliable low cost optical engines in high volume with extremely high reliability. 
Axsun’s miniaturized optical devices are assembled and aligned into high performance optical engines on our flexible and scalable automated assembly line. The assembly process begins with precision mounting of multiple optical elements. 

  • Using a vision recognition system, individual photonic devices or assemblies are placed and hard soldered to an optical bench with state of the art precision.

  • For devices requiring sub micron alignment tolerances, a subsequent step of automated active alignment is used. Axsun’s proprietary active alignment robot sequentially locates each device and adjusts its micro-alignment structure to precisely, and permanently set its position.

These key steps in Axsun’s automated assembly process are software reconfigurable, giving the Axsun packaging platform unprecedented flexibility and scalability. 

Integrated Optical Engines

To develop and produce high-value optical engines, Axsun pioneered and developed a series of innovations and adapted best of breed technologies from premier research facilities. The Axsun Packaging Platform, is uniquely capable of producing high-performance, compact optical engines in high volumes and at low cost.