Axsun swept lasers provide an unrivaled balance of tuning bandwidth, output power, sweep speed, and coherence length to enable cutting-edge performance in next-generation Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems.

A unique design based on our micro-optical integration capabilities and patented MEMS tunable filter, the highly scalable Axsun laser platform is the preferred choice for OCT system vendors in multiple medical and non-medical markets.


Laser Engine Options

Axsun produces lasers in the 1060nm, 1310nm, and 1220nm spectral bands.  Sweep rates range from 50kHz to 200kHz for high speed and high resolution imaging, and from 1kHz to 30kHz for optical biometry. We have long coherence length options, high power options, and wide tuning bandwidth options.

Axsun laser modules are paired with driver electronics and can also be integrated with optional k-clock, single or dual-channel balanced photoreceivers, and high speed data acquisition electronics in a compact and highly cost-effective OEM configuration or benchtop enclosure.


Reliability and Support

Axsun products have logged billions of hours in networking and imaging systems around the world since 2001. Our products meet rigorous Telcordia qualification standards and are supported by a team with decades of expertise in laser and OCT system technology.  We offer product customization and advanced integration services to high volume customers, helping to insure your product development is efficient and your system performance is superior.


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OCT Data Acquisition Solutions

Axsun's Data Acquisition (DAQ) boards are designed and optimized specifically for swept-source OCT systems powered by our market-leading swept laser.  Avoid costly unknowns associated with interfacing a 3rd party general purpose digitizer – Axsun’s Integrated Engine solution frees your valuable resources to focus on your application and end-user experience.  

Axsun offers 500MS/s 12-bit data acquisition boards with three interface options: Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe, or CameraLink. The Axsun Integrated Engine – incorporating swept laser, k-clock generation, balanced photoreceivers, and high-speed data acquisition board – is available at either 1060nm or 1310nm and with either 50kHz or 100kHz A-line rates.

Gigabit Ethernet DAQ


Experience the most straightforward system integration possible with your application-specific scanner and your OCT software and user interface.  The Ethernet DAQ supports 2D/3D synchronization with your galvanometers, MEMS scanners, or rotational probes over a wide range of frame rates.  An on-board FPGA streams processed OCT images to offload your host CPU and your development team.  The Ethernet interface and tight integration with the Axsun swept laser, k-clock, and balanced photoreceivers facilitate a cost-effective SS-OCT imaging engine with unprecedented ease of deployment on mobile computing platforms.  For integration with USB 3.0-only host platforms, the Ethernet DAQ is also compatible with widely available 1GbE–USB 3.0 interface converters based on the Realtek RTL8153 chipset.


another interface, same card

Axsun’s Gigabit Ethernet DAQ is also a PCIe DAQ – you get both interface options in the same hardware, no compromises. If your system implementation requires installation in the PCIe slot of a traditional desktop PC’s motherboard, the DAQ can accommodate. Plus the Ethernet and PCIe interfaces use the same API, so even switching between them is straightforward.

CameraLink DAQ

Upgrade from Spectral Domain OCT

Ophthalmic markets are demanding the enhanced scan depth and penetration afforded by Axsun's SS-OCT lasers at 1060nm.  Axsun's CameraLink DAQ provides a straightforward path to upgrade from your legacy spectrometer-based OCT system to Axsun's swept laser while leveraging your existing CameraLink frame grabber and associated capture and processing software. 


Reliability & Support

Axsun’s products have logged billions of hours in networking, industrial monitoring, and OCT imaging systems around the world since 2001. Our products meet rigorous qualification standards and are supported by an engineering team with decades of expertise in OCT system technology and applications.  Advanced integration and customization services are also available.


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3D image stack of fingertip skin (≈20 x 8 x 4mm).  Click to download video (20MB)

3D image stack of fingertip skin (≈20 x 8 x 4mm). Click to download video (20MB)

3D image stack of lemon pulp (≈8 x 8 x 4mm).  Click to download video (15MB)

3D image stack of lemon pulp (≈8 x 8 x 4mm). Click to download video (15MB)

The OMx product family offers the most compact, flexible, high-performance Telcordia-qualified optical monitors available today. With industry-proven high performance channel power monitors for telecommunications and solutions for sensor interrogation, Axsun's OMx monitor family has the right optical monitor solution to meet the most challenging and cost sensitive applications.

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Solution providers now have access to high performance micro-spectrometers designed to address process needs with solutions for PAT/Pharmaceutical applications, and for general manufacturing process measurements with the IntegraSpec XL™. Axsun's NIR Analyzers are designed to support methods development and provide for an easy conversion to the process environment. 

Design & Customization Services

Axsun has an experienced team of engineers available for high volume customers requiring:

  • Customization of our existing products to meet your rigorous specifications
  • Advanced support for integrating our subcomponents into your system architecture
  • Algorithm and image processing development for our FPGA and DSP-based products
  • Qualification of products to nontypical standards