Axsun's Technology

Axsun's patented technology portfolio includes a diverse assortment of active and passive optical devices, advanced materials and coatings, optomechanical and optoelectronic integration capabilities, precision active alignment processes, and packaging solutions for both OEM components and end-user environments.

Axsun's products are born from miniature optical components typically fabricated at the wafer scale – leveraging the cost, consistency, and scalability of the semiconductor industry.

Experienced thin-film design engineers and on-site physical vapor deposition equipment allow Axsun to quickly optimize our coating characteristics from <1µm to 2µm. 

The heart of Axsun products is a MEMS Fabry–Pérot tunable filter, capable of precision wavelength selectivity, high tuning frequencies, and wide tuning bandwidth.

Lithographically fabricated microstructures are the optomechanical mounts and translation stages in the Axsun process.

Optical components are assembled on a temperature controlled substrate and a fiber is connected.  Alignment is optimized with unprecedented precision by the Axsun Micro Robot.  You have to see it to believe it.

Optical modules are hermetically sealed and integrated with driver electronics into full OEM subsystems or ruggedized enclosures appropriate for use in harsh environments.